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Mumbling at Mavericks Dictation

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The new Mac operating system has pretty good dictation. I used it to write this post. However, when I was first learning to use it, it said some pretty crazy things. Here is a sample:

Would be really really interesting to find out why our pages has watching issues with dictation change word watching to twitching you really can’t say glitching Tony you just don’t like the way I are speaking mumble that’s really missing I said are because I need to say and I’m on our work anyway that wrote our St ARA medication thing I think I’ve really need someone to speak more clearly without saying are and am if I want start dictating stuff stop period. Dictating is really different to typing. Enter return carriage return

End of line graph delete word delete backspace I’m do back delete delete delete you know this dictation actually works really well and not in pages moderately well anyway. You have to remember to say. Effectively if you say you have to remember to say. They’re just right. I wonder if I can type the work full stop can you put emphasis between the words fall and stop. you just won’t say it doesn’t delete words and another one and it’ll B is it yesterday dictation works a lot better if you’ve enough of the memories up an updated sister does not mind and a line graph delete won’t delete backspace idea back delete legally in this dictation actually works really well not and not in a dress well it morally well anyway have to remember to say.effectively if you say we have to remember to say this is just right order if I can type the word. Can you exit print words: stop just won’t say it doesn’t delete words and another one it’ll be it yesterday dictation works a lot better if you’ve another memories and updated sister you mind late again went isolated again with isolated yes I’m really appreciate accurate this thing is I think you need to get my speech and annunciation lessons are things I need to get speech annunciation lessons to make my speech precisely easy to disown are you gonna was not”Mood got rich are not wrote a lot going for a 5 mile marker over driver brought on by while we didn’t write why are are all awful and I left it was delightfully hello Scott Morrison…
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Lala Lala Lala are you lessons from the Internet so shall did you know that this actually works moderately well if you annunciate your words correctly.

I would appreciate if you could accurately and precisely listen and decide what I am saying so close I would appreciate if you could accurately precisely listen and decide what I am saying this are SRM SRM hello are you ridiculous although you do you write your ridiculous yes I’m ridiculously messy you’re at Scott’s panel up the real activist script I will I will I will do: I am writing you down hi

Mavericks Dictation


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