Oh frabjous day!

by David Wales


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This is a collection of all the most awesome maths videos and webpages that I've found. The maths you will find after following the links will hopefully be much more fun than you ever thought maths could be. In fact, I hope you will realise that what you think is maths, is not actually maths. Calling what you think is maths 'maths', is like calling what you think is spelling 'English literature'.

Awesome videos that are not boring...

Vi Hart is one of the best creators of videos that contain what I call maths, but not what you call maths. (i.e. The videos are extremely interesting and funny...) You really should click on the link below and watch ALL of her videos... =D

Take me to the awesomeness of Vi Hart!

If you I haven't convinced you to click the link, try watching this short embedded video first. You will click the link. You will be converted. You will like maths. This is a warning. There will be no more warnings. (I'm surprised you are still reading this...)

Maths + Escher...

This website is all about the mathematics behind Escher's Print Gallery.

The animations are epic. Let's go!