Oh frabjous day!

by David Wales


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This is a collection of stuff that I've done with the Minecraft Pi Edition. (Or links to good sites I've discovered...)

UPDATE! There's a really good site being put together here! It's basically a giant collection of all the cool Minecraft Pi Edition Python programs. Check it out! (Some of the programs are really cool... =D)

Don't have a Raspberry Pi? You can run these programs using the awesome RaspberryJuice Bukkit Plugin made by HTTP500. You'll need the Minecraft API files, which you can get here. Then you just have to put the Bukkit Plugin into your Bukkit Plugin directory, and put your script into the python folder in the API you downloaded, and run it.

Minesweeper for Minecraft Pi Edition:

I downloaded the Pi Edition yesterday, and decided to port a version of minesweeper I'd written a long time ago to it.

You can download the source here

Here is a video and some pictures